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vendredi 26 juin 2009


Of ancient civilizations have disappeared without leaving the slightest evidence in this regard, yet they accounted for some of the dominant power, with technology far ahead of the rest of the world. We have to prove their existence, the monuments that have defied time, which sometimes takes us into the mystery about the real reasons for their disappearance. Do you really need to make mysteries? First, take the example of a great power disappeared recently, only a decade has passed since the breakup of the Soviet Union, and yet I am sure that you did not think about this example here. The reasons are manifold, an economy on the verge of asphyxiation, but also a population thirsting for modernism. Although this event is not so far away, we have already almost forgotten, then it is certain that with regards to the disappearance of the ancient Egyptian and Maya civilization, a gulf separates us to immerse ourselves in the dark the most complete in any case, this is what most of us think. Personally, I think the Romans, Byzantine and Arabic are the main reasons for the destruction of ancient Egypt weakened surcroit become a desert climate in the region of the pyramids. As for the Mayans, the Portuguese invasion of beliefs changed radically, some cults were regarded as barbarians (human sacrifices). The total abandonment of these places of worship and numerous building techniques have led to mysteries. There is nothing mysterious in the fact that people invader imposes its laws, customs, techniques ... There is no doubt that the technical construction of the pyramids of Egypt cast a mystery since several assumptions have been made but that seems the most likely made by researchers from the CNRS. For them, the blocks were not cut but simply as cast concrete. After an analysis of their constitution, they discovered that it was a form of conglomerate, limestone and salt but also other materials, moreover, the constitution would correspond well to that used for the manufacture of stone vases. Even if this version will not convince everyone, it is for me more than a hypothesis, and if the mystery is no longer a fact, this discovery confirms my thoughts that the former were far more advanced on our world today. Bookmanie.

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