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lundi 15 juin 2009


"Interesting what you say here, but Bookmanie is not at all agree. First on the choice of text, this text would instead reference "to the people concerned" materially. If it is a critical comment on blogger. What would you do? If we were to eliminate all those who support their neighbor morally launches phrases of encouragement, there would be more on blogger. No, friendship is at the bedside of a patient finds that it is in situations of great distress it is detected. You confuse the materialistic and friends. Personally, I never had the opportunity to know (friends), this simply means that so far I never found in very difficult situations. Bookman". This article is the subject of Bookmanie's comment on Desi's blog: I have great esteem for her, "believes this, is not always friendship".Bookmanie. VIEWBLOG

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