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mardi 9 juin 2009


"You end up all you weary to believe that this machine is capable of everything." Do you think that it is capable of capturing in course, the conspiracies of those who hide behind appliances (Bookman has not finished to surprise the first question). A search engine is a huge brain capable of storing billions of information, but a brain without a body, it is not intelligent. (Nothing to do with IQ). The man has a sense of criticism. The generator is a search engine capable of great achievement, it recognizes the queries entered by the search window, it only plays the role of accounting. You enter any data, whether or consisting of logical errors, it will follow the same path, just as in the human body when you drink water, the water follows a path (although it is much more complex), only the water needed to be retained in the body, the waste and the excess will be rejected. The difference is important and remember, this is a generator of research will identify words with the number of complaints are the most importants( monthly). But it does make them available to users after a period of about 30 to 40 days. I think the time to market to advertisers...Bookmanie.

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