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jeudi 18 juin 2009


"Our thoughts, our strength, this unique language, one that differentiates us from other living beings on the planet, we must use it wisely. Do not fall into the language of computer automation." Bookman. The idea of a utopian Bookmanie, to form a group, a solid block, depending on blogger and Google, (the very least), but independent of the mechanism that leads irrevocably to this "directory". You are not numbers or signs or symbols. The computer is more than just a directory, otherwise if its users. Bookmanie seeing a new trend: Many begin to add symbols to their blog (example ***). It is a mechanical trick that will in the medium term, lead to a census in alphabetical order (imagine that everyone else used this trick, the result will be * a * b * c; .....). Bookmanie does in no way use automatic mechanisms to automate our transformers. The pages rank are the subject of much debate today. The only way conducive to a better ranking is the communication, (leave comments, post regularly, create links to interesting blogs to your blog). Do not think that alone or with a hundred loyal subscribers, you will influence the machine. We must be more numerous, hence the idea a bit utopian, but with time ... "The water falls drop by drop on the stone, eventually the increase. Bookmanie.

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  1. Bonsoir Bookmanie
    C est jour de philo," le langage trahit il la pensée?"
    vaste débat,quelque soit le langage n' est ce pas?
    j'adorerai disserter sur ce genre de sujet ou celui qui demande " Que gagne t on à échanger?"

    j espère que nos chères têtes blondes ont pris du plaisir à exposer leurs idées..


  2. Hi Bookmanie, just wanted to stop by and say hi. My computer was being repaired and now I'm back online and need to catch up.


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