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jeudi 25 juin 2009


Incredible! I just heard on the radio, I listen to rarely, a song by Francis Cabrel, who gave me the chills. Why? The words that are in french resume the sense of an old blog that I made in 2008 ( "Bookmanie blogauteur" on google) and whose direction this blog takes up a little. Some loyal subscribers, and more particularly subscribed faithful understand what I mean.
Seeking a few minutes ago on You Tube, I came over, the photos that accompany this new tube, you will understand what I am speaks.
Attention is required. Bookmanie

3 commentaires:

  1. Ah, oui !!!
    Ton blog aurait-il été copié, voir piraté ???
    Pas très, très joli tout ça ...

  2. Non, non, je ne pense pas. Vous qui observez dans l'ombre pourriez vous me donnez un avis?


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