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lundi 15 juin 2009


Bookmanie, in this article reveals a trick that allows you to have a better view and better access to every page on your dashboard that you use often. (The latter being a little confused on blogger, it is better this little trick). It is obvious that the addition of this gadjet can be used by you with previously used your access code to Blogger. The trick is simple, create links to personal pages and Blogger that are accessible directly from your blog. How? Log in to Blogger. On your dashboard click on SET PAGE, and then click ADD GADJET. Look for the gadjet CONFIGURING LINKS, then ADD, then SAVE. Turn on your dashboard and click on the page you want directly accés.COPIEZ the URL of the page (eg create a message from your dashboard), turn on MIS PAGE and click on MODIFY gadjet previously recorded (set of links) to be included in the column, choose a title (the title on Bookman is my dashboard) and then paste the URL and then add the title. (in this example is "create a message "). REGISTER. That is when you are on your blog you can go directly to create a message, for example. Bookmanie. Bookmanie is available for more information, use the comments. Links to your dashboard can only work by the blog owner.

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