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mercredi 15 juillet 2009


"The light is a wave which returns the material, (separate molecules, such as air (gas) molecules assembled, for example: The water (liquid); compressed molecules, such as stone (solid). These inertias more or less offer variable resistance to waves, which are coded (pre-programmed, or unified, if you want) ... to mind. "

The sound is universal, it is our thinking, it is passed émisent waves on the matter. Language is a code treated by heterogeneous groups. This code is stored by our brain, it is not innate. (Thinking, yes, if a foreigner comes to translate a language, his thinking will be the same.). The behavioral study of motorists trapped in their car (windshield), demonstrates that there may be poor reception of waves. Thinking, the waves are universally programmed. (The loud bangs scare everyone, the language can be understood only by those who are learned.) Bookmanie.

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  1. Hi, Bookmanie :-)

    You left me a comment in my latest blog entry but I could not understand what you asked... Can you ask me again? :-)

    Love your blog, thanks for the support *hug*

  2. Bookman só quero saber porque é que artistas em geral, mesmo se eles são especializados em retrato, por exemplo, ainda no seu trabalho (carreira), um retrato, uma paisagem, uma natureza morta. A minha pergunta foi se você tivesse feito essas obras em três categorias diferentes? Se sim. Será que você pode apresentá-los? Bookmanie.

  3. Hi Bookmanie - thanks for all of your wonderful comments! I'm loving your blog too!


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