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samedi 22 août 2009


These are collected about a friend, a professor of science, about my blog.
"Your blog is messy, no follow-up between the articles, some anarchism was established, it is a bit messy."
I replied: "This is done on purpose, in order to image the turmoil in my brain, as in all other human beings.
"He replied:" Do you think he could understand? "
At that time, I knew the game was almost won for me, I told him: "Do you believe that scientific discoveries are the results of logic elements? They are instead the magma of an accumulation of empirical methods, generated by thinking not mathematics, something anarchic, as my blog. Only artificial union of thought that created the science. Only the techniques are proven logically mathematically, the force which led the demonstration process of science does is not. " Bookmanie.

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