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lundi 3 août 2009

The attention of some pseudo-scientific reviewers

Some bloggers will allow critical comments to the subjects of articles posted by Bookman. I have nothing against, quite the contrary. But when it comes to commentary Virula too, a little too extreme, it leads me to respond. He pushes me to write this article is in the message INFINITELY
A message in a pseudo-scientist who ventures to criticize the man in general (even if this message is for me), saying that none of my readers may not understand the word "infinite". I subscribed to his blog content at first glance could be interesting, I mean at first sight, because I did not read in full. What makes me a little smile, was his subject at infinity, represented by computer graphics, (I doubt very much whether this person who is the designer), a symbol of infinity in mathematics in more sophisticated representation of the infinite, the one I mentioned in my article? . I still laughing. This person makes me a comment an infinite stupidity, it is currently the only, and can say that the stupidity of man is infinite. (She was talking to itself?) Read the commentary and take a trip on his blog. I would like the reafter you to tell me what you think. Bookmanie.

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