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samedi 8 août 2009


I take the example of driving a car for a better understanding of my previous message text.
Car driving uses 90%, our sense of vision.
fields of vision for a person normally has an angle of 180 °. Do not try the example of the experience that follows.
When driving on a road at high speed, the field of vision decreases as you increase that area. The more you go fast, less will be your field of vision. Why? Scrolling images on your left and your right (at 0 ° and 180 °) are much too fast to be recorded by your brain. The brain ignores these images to deal with only those he can assimilate. It is therefore an automatic zoom, only the images located in front of you is taken into account. As far as possible, those perspectives, so the smaller. Bookmanie

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  1. Você é muito gentil, adoro seus comentários, és muito inteligente! Obrigada!


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