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lundi 17 août 2009


This is a very interesting experience to achieve। First, because it is a very good exercise for the eyes, it fixes the symmetry of angles, blurred vision during fatigue. But also, what is most interesting to me is the emergence of a third circle that disappears after a few seconds. To succeed this year or experience follow the instructions that follow.
Do not click on the picture. Keep the format displayed.
Get a pen or a pencil and position the tip in the axis of symmetry of circles, about ten inches from your screen. Use the tip of your pen or your pen as a viewfinder (no need to move your arm, you have to move normally on your screen).
Secondly, and very importantly, we need only set the edge of your viewfinder, and this for a few seconds. You will see a circle in the center toisième other two. When you have removed your pencil to your screen, tois circles will be visible for a few seconds. What do you think? Bookmanie

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