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mardi 11 août 2009


I am not a photographer, but I am an observer. The photos of the previous article whose title is Monaco, are not there by chance. This parable chromium, was the photo taken Sunday 9 August, by Bookman. This art exhibition is currently on the site of the largest casinos in the city. You will notice that few people interested in this work, it goes almost unnoticed in the eyes of tourists busy photographing the Ferraris and other luxury cars, or playing in the arcades. Look at the photos of both sides of this parable. What do you think? Bookmanie.

2 commentaires:

  1. I think i would also rather be photographing the art than ferraris...well done are a deeper person and that is a very good quality!

  2. Meu querido, desculpe a ausência, não estou em minha casa, estou viajando, e longe do meu pc...
    Acho que imagens em preto e branco combinam mais com meu blog. Não entendi o que você falou sobre a pesquisa...


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