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dimanche 7 novembre 2010


Toumai's skull was discovered in a region of Chad in the early 2000s. The oldest human fossils (6.8 to 7 million years: from dating?!), Has revolutionized the theory of "bipedalism.
It is certain that will happen a few years before scientists do agree on the pre-human origin of the skull (omnidé). Indeed, Toumai was discovered west of the fault Africa (Rift Valley), ie, at 2500 kilometers of "East Side Story," the so-called cradle of humanity. (Theory bipedalism that man would become bipedal in the savannah).
Take a small lead before sientifiques otherwise agree among themselves.
Toumai's skull shows it was almost a man, a pre-human: The occipital foramen which connects the brain to the spinal cord is located below and in front of the skull. Finally, the skull was positioned on a spine straightened Toumai was indeed a pre-human biped.
The cradle of humanity is much wider than previously thought is to which extent? " br /> The discovery of Toumai is the result of research separated from the descent Science: If you want to dig into a groove PRHT by others, you make that fundamental innovations. Bookmanie.

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