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mercredi 26 août 2009


Memory could be a barrier to the creative ingenuity of man, the knowledge accumulated throughout our life are only directional vectors. Inspiration is often an externalization of a mix of images stored, even the most famous artists have influenced other artists. One day, browsing a few lines of an article I was surprised to learn that Jules Verne took a visionary with regard to the submarine as described in his story (Journey to the Center of the Earth) a ship of this type before its invention. Firstly, it was the Greeks who, with a gear-shaped bell to open the base, first evolved in water. Also, (this is a very personal opinion), I think that this great writer, with his sense of imagination and observation outside standard was simply influenced by the Nautilus pompéilius (mollusks living in a shell). Indeed, the nautilus is unusual to empty the water accumulated in its walls, a gas (nitrogen) release to return to the surface or to fill in to get funds. His many tentacles (over sixty) would give an image of monstrous animal and if my memory serves me correctly, I believe that passage of the book is the description. Partitions separated siphons, the manner in which it operates under water, makes me think of the ballast system used by submarines. The thesis argues that Jules Verne was a visionary does most of all, himself, the Greeks and the inventor of the submarine had taken the invention of the Nautilus.

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