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samedi 5 septembre 2009


Bookmanie wanted to make some informations about this outbreak of H1N1.
Things to Remember in Priority
The H1N1 is not at all a virus killer.
The vaccine will be useful for Potęga epidemic potential in winter 2010. Why?
There are two reasons that bind them by the delay in vaccine production:
The first reason is that the first virus strain provided by WHO, has been ineffective. (Californian strain). Indeed, the virus cultured on eggs has not increased as it should do. (Much less than the influenza viruses traditional).
The second reason is that the second strain was provided, require two injections, spaced three weeks before the vaccine can protect against disease.
It has already passed the peak of the outbreak is about forty days, at which point the number of infected people, therefore imunisées will be higher than those uninfected. The result is the same as if we had no vaccine inoculants. The paradox is that it is better to be immunized by the vaccine, either through an initial contamination. A second wave, much more virulent is expected this winter. Bookmanie.

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