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mercredi 30 septembre 2009


Here is a work of universal nature. A quartz that I carry around my neck. A true symbol created by nature. There is evidence that all matter is created so universal, a vibration wave. Bookmanie

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  1. How beautiful, Bookmanie. Quartz is said to have healing benefits too:)

  2. It's lovely. My husband reminded me just yesterday that he had presented me with a small quartz hanging on a string necklace when we first met. I will bring it out of hiding and wear it again.

    I have a crystal that I wear with love. I always dip it into the ocean when we visit the coast. It is supposed to cleanse the crystal of darkness that it has prevented from hurting me. Who knows?

  3. A meiguice dos teus olhos
    Enternece a alma mais dura
    Sei-te em cada batida de coração
    Na verdade da água pura

    A verdade da terra
    De verdadeira verdade se veste a tua alma nua
    O mundo conhece teus passos
    O teu destino impresso nas pedras de uma rua

    Mágico beijo


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