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vendredi 19 mars 2010


The nomads of Numidia (Algeria), transported to the gypsies, (opposite the history of modern concepts), the carriage pulled by Eizeïkhel horse Pegasus, and the campfire, and the red rose in her hair black. The six strings of the guitar is their narrow passage, they Strait of Gibraltar (Tarik brings), your knowledge, not an invasion but an invitation.
It was light as the rock erected at the gates of Atlantis.
A geographical area whose luminous International Civil Aviation gave the prefix LX, (60 in Rome).
A number of gypsy tribe or Roman? 60 ° is the angle of 1 / 6 of a circumference of 360 °.
The eagle and six, the Church, Sistine.
The chariot, or the great bear is in heaven. You was popularized as popularized nomads who would run around the world like ants under a starry sky.
I wept like a Hungarian.
The desire I can not reach (in Hungarian cry = siru), as a man who leaves shed tears of grief, carrying a message that slips through her hands like a siren that does not grasp.
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