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mardi 13 décembre 2011


Walking in the mountains of Aures, Algeria, I found myself face to face with a man. After a few words in French, he now seems to be a friend. 
I speak of France, to indicate where I am. He is both surprised and amazed. 
Stammers a few names like Aristotle, Middle Ages.
- "Religion! What connects me to you human?"he exclaim.
-"Sorry, I did not understand. Why even talk about religion? Even if this place down,
-I m not speaking of religion. Down?! You! you are down! Far with your civilization which is going far and far from the lighthouse.

With all things you wear to come here, are you not tired?" Pointing my equipment for my Hiking. 
-"It is the human who made a place like this all down. And yet it is a place so close to heaven. Do not confuse this "roof", and "you" below the sky. Here, everything is really close. "
 I stood stunned for a moment, without saying a word aditional. The few words I heard, paralyzed me.
 With all this outfit I wore, I felt less able than the king of the mountain tops, far more clever than me with a few words and supple. He was the High King and I a heavy higking.

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