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lundi 23 janvier 2012

HUMAN- listen to me.

"Humanoid, Homo sapiens, humanity, humanitarian.
This is the way of evil, (words) of progress in chronological order the history of man.

If the path, not the past, was really good, how could we invent the word "humanitarian"?
How do you feel a help for someone that you would loan it the Same Way?
I kow, I appear stupid or bad, but stop the humanitarian, and ask the top of your antill to try another way, first for you to live close to that people you want to help; and after, if you can trust that new way, out of that ligne of ants,you will stop the members of the antill whose eat (hit) that poor people, they just kill them to make difference, beetween the North and the south of word.(I didn't make a mistake it's word, not world, world didn't exist or just artifially, but wordS, des "maux" in french language. Difficile de frank language."

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  1. Ah, you certainly always get the "juices" in my brain flowing, Bookmanie! Humanitarian has seemed a positive word to me, but it is good indeed to question the foundation of the word (not world) in relationship to how it is acted upon.


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