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dimanche 28 juin 2009


Here Francis Cabrel song in English.
Backed by an oak cork, I walked down a few arpeggios, praying God, Buddha, what do I know? Do you think us a little? The world is in the hands of policymakers, black suits, ties beige, white turbans as snow, playing games droles property. It is in our slack, people of reason, courage, on all sides, of all ages, whose only dream is to be happy. It was erected cathedrals, arrows to reach the stars, said prayers monumental, what we could do better? Are you there? Are you close? Or too far away to hear our bells? Keep your hands in your pockets? Is this your tears when it rains? In your very top of white boxes, you see that question? Millions of ants that floundering, you turned to the heaven. Are we alone in this story? The only people who continue to believe? We look to the right headlight? Or the sky is empty and hollow? Backed by an oak cork, I walked down a few arpeggios, I did not find anything better. Or are you in the atmosphere? We are waiting for you, you hope. But it was doubt and mystery, as you would have learned better. Backed by an oak cork, I walked down a few arpeggios through a rainy afternoon ...

3 commentaires:

  1. Sounds like a beautiful song, Bookmanie. Is this the post that you were speaking of that you wanted me to read?

  2. Yes, I want you to read this, but the post of "MIND" doesn't concern you. You're up this text.
    I hope you understand me.
    Thank you, bye.

  3. Ok, Bookmanie, I think I've got it :D


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