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jeudi 23 juillet 2009

Bug's link on blogger's profil

The bug links on your profile or other was predictable. Bookman had predicted. I hope those that I had accused will appear confirming that my comments boxes. To my loyal customers who had expressed the desire to display the word "Bookman" on their profile, they are displayed in the following article. (This is a proof?). For others, it's not too late. Let me know with a comment or if you want by mail. ( When I think that to have more loyal customers, I should have dressed as a woman and copy, paste pictures from the web ... No! I'm too honest to do it! What do you expect? You see disappear? A block is difficult maléable, listen a little Bookman. One of my close friends told me that you could take me for a fool. I think a little, when does not fit into the standard, can be considered as well. it is true that some of my articles are exentré (for me they are true), follow me or many Bookman disappear forever. Bookman. I hope the faithful subscribers contacted by mail a few months ago will appear to testify to my predictions. (I am not seeing or anything ..)

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