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dimanche 16 août 2009


Following the gloom, some of us who moved, I can write this article about the moral vacuum. "Depression is the trough of the wave of a force, it ' there is no more obscure than the end of the wavelength of light, where it ends to become liquid. I always associated the mattress of the bed at this location which can realize this point. The location (mattress), which plunges us into darkness, where there is no light, sleep. This comparison seems inadequate? Yet, I find the mattress to the family of strong, makes me think of a solid, but at the limit of the liquid. Something almost impossible to take. Ask experts in the removal of objects which is most annoying to carry, they will tell you certainly the mattress. Nobody can someone out of depression, even the strongest of men. Only a glimmer, a spark, light (a new force is capable captured. Bookmanie.

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