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vendredi 14 août 2009


Often used the word "nothing" without knowing the exact meaning, and without really knowing what it is. Yet the word "nothing" is of great importance for our brain. The dark side of force to it. Programmers familiar with the word "nothing", since it serves to slow down a program. (NOP = NO = NO OPERATION) ... Bookmanie

6 commentaires:

  1. yes...what is nothingness really..?

  2. You are brave to put a comment on a subject like this one. Congratulations. .. You're a photographer, I would like to have an idea of the photographic collection on the subject: "nothing". Thank you in advance on your devices ... Bookman

  3. hi Bookmanie...

    my NOTHINGNESS photo i took!

    i will think about it a bit. "nothing" is a difficult subject, because it is nothing..
    it must be something but you have to capture it so it looks like nothing...oh confusing


  4. Hi Dési. "I sought" nothing "on your blog, I have not found. Am I so stupid? Should not look, if" nothing "was really the purpose of my research, I will not have the word "search" in my little brain. " Bookmanie.

  5. "Nothing" is not exist. It is a state of non existance. There is always something.


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