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vendredi 25 décembre 2009


* "I do not know what condescension for Roman customs he [Julius Caesar] began the year at the time it does not begin, eight days after the winter solstice. [Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary] "From the time of Julius Caesar, the solstice civil, political, was established in December 25 it was in Rome a party where we celebrated the return of the sun". [Voltaire, ib. Christmas.] "The points of the equinoxes and solstices were determined by the rising and setting of stars. [Bailly, Hist. astr. anc. p. 190] "The first observation Greek, or at least the oldest that has been preserved is the summer solstice, made by Euctémon and Meton the year 432. [Bailly, op. p. 226] "By diligently observing the solstices and equinoxes, Hipparchus easily noticed that these points do not divide the year into equal parts. [Bailly, Hist. astr. mod. t. I, p. 86] "Why does he know [the animal] winds and tides, the equinoxes and solstices?" [Chateaubriand, Genius of Christianity, or the beauties of the Christian religion]

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