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mardi 9 août 2011


Microsoft and microsome.
Again! In my way, my feeling is that I am alone. I understand that it takes me to a crazy, but I live in my world, by my knowledge's ID. 
In the article "Babynateur", (baby computeur), and the marriage beetween "biologist and informaticien", I had forgotten (by accident, to not complicate my result, my balance), to compare microsoft and microsome. Microsoft, everyone 'knows' but microsome, I'm not sure. Then to specify what a microsoft, (forgiveness), a microsome is, I could tell you that it's part of the "endoplasmic reticulum".
I know I share in all directions, but I want to do well, then I said. Reticulum, comes from the word network in Latin and endoplasmic, everything about the periphery of the nucleus is necessary for the growth of a living cell, such as the Internet... Sooorry for that complicate explanation... But I feel to do that to finish. that blog.  


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  1. Another fascinating post by you. You are, of course, brilliant!


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