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mardi 9 août 2011


"Your comment gives me pep. I am not from "Pavlov" but I will return then to give you some more specific informations... Random times, for random subjects, I will find topics that interest you.
Even if I browse a little on the waves of the Mediterranean for now, sailing, with my base, my boat, has  opposited drowning, ...not in the comments of my blog...
I dedicate you  this picture I took in a fireworks display near Nice (from that boat.)
The ghosts are still there, the iron around the boat even if the light that our poor brain does not always pick up numerical codes, boust by spin speed in the camera of my friend ... Your comment me happy too.
Sorry for the word "ghost", you now know, my humor ... honest! for those who pick up more ... to the stars ... we are.
Oh, I know, ... a few time ... Will Understand more."


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  1. Oh, dear Bookmanie, thank you for mentioning Writerquake here!

    The picture with fireworks is glorious! Your words are pictures, also. Everything you share is interesting.

    While you travel, please travel safely and happily. xoxo


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